Without concern for the type of industrial structure or commercial building, it is important that surfaces that are in contact with moisture are always waterproofed. At B & A Commercial Painting, we are the experts in waterproofing and sealants. Common surfaces like concrete walls, structural steel, balconies and floors are always in need of different types of waterproofing materials. Exterior surfaces are always exposed to the elements and they need to expand and contract with the changes in temperatures.

It is important to choose the right products for protecting against different types of damages from moisture. Mold and mildew are capable of creating hazardous indoor environment that could cause sickness and affect your productivity. The application of the right waterproofing sealants carried out by the leading Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas assures that your get the best protection.

 We are specialized in application of high performance sealants and caulks to expansion joints. Our experienced and licensed crews perform balcony repairs and façade restoration services for buildings ranging from low to high-rise.  we can seal everything ranging from the bricks on the exterior elevations to the basement and everything in between ensuring that you get the proper waterproofing protection for your property.

We at B & A have been offering surface coating and waterproofing application services to our customers for several years. Our crews are trained in application of waterproofing sealant directly from the leading coating manufacturers.

We use a wide range of operational systems for ensuring that the jobs are completed the right way each time. We ensure that the highest level of performance is delivered through:

•    OSHA compliance safety plans
•    Instant ability for fielding any sizes project
•    Responsive customer communication
•    Strict on-site protocols

You may have a regular maintenance problem or a water emergency; we are your ultimate Dallas Commercial Painting and waterproofing experts. Reach us through email or phone and our evaluators would reach you back to provide an estimate after evaluation. Rely on us for all your waterproofing, repair and painting projects. We are both insured and experienced in handling every level of project ranging from the simplest to the most complex one.