Exposed bar joint ceilings were there traditionally in factories and warehouses, but they are no increasingly used in retail stores and more modern settings. We at B & A Commercial Painting are the leading commercial and industrial painters in the Dallas area. Your warehouse ceiling may be for an industrial facility or just because you have installed it to get an industrial feel, we can paint the exposed ceiling including the structural steel for meeting your objectives.

We have been painting warehouse-style bar joist ceilings for a wide range of industrial and commercial clients for many years. The list includes:

•    Manufacturing units and factories
•    Gyms and fitness centers
•    Agricultural and food processing units
•    Retail stores
•    Schools and churches
•    Conference centers
•    Warehouses
•    Auto dealerships
•    Airports

As the leading Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas, we understand that there are different situations where it is required to paint or repaint your ceilings and structural steel. At times, the existing paint job can fail resulting in peeling paint falling onto the merchandise, staff and customers. Sometimes, it could become old and grimy and has to be refreshed. Most of the time, new construction would also need to be painted.

You may have any type of need; our experienced crews are experienced and equipped for handling any size type of job. Our professionals give attention to detail for preparing and cleaning all types of surfaces, which is the key to help paints to perform to the peak level. in addition, our crews would carefully tape and protect all types of surfaces for leaving a crisp and professional job without any over-spraying or drips.  

At B & A, we offer wider options with our vast commercial and industrial experience. Our teams are specialized and have deep product knowledge for helping decide the right choice of materials for your building. Starting from preparation to application to finishing, we ensure that everything is done correctly so that your project gets the best possible performance. Contact us through phone or email to get our specialized Dallas Commercial Painting professionals to evaluate your building.