Painting projects involving tanks and towers are not regular painting projects. We at B & A Commercial Painting are experienced painting contractors who understand and follow the extensive range of protocols involved in such a project.

We have several years of experience in meeting all types of regulations involved in tank painting. Our crews comprise of teams that are specialized and experienced in tank and tower painting and they know how to work in such situations and complete them successfully. Our licensed Commercial Painters Dallas Texas have thorough knowledge about how to handle scaffolding.

It is not possible to neglect safety requirements and knowledge in these projects because they involve high level of risks. our crews are extensively trained for following all safety requirements.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading Dallas Commercial Painting Contractors having an impeccable record of completing tank and tower painting projects with success in the surrounding area. Our specialized crews have always been acknowledged for their know-how in handling different types of tanks and towers including:

•    Water tanks and towers
•    Municipal tanks
•    Chemical standpipe tanks
•    Ground storage oil tanks
•    Large bullet propane tanks
•    Waste water tanks
•    Sewerage tanks

In addition, we have also successfully completed other customized projects involving tanks and towers.

You may have any type of requirement, but our skilled and experienced commercial painters are capable to completing your project on time and within your budget. Our specialized tank painting crew has broader experience in handling all types of  liquids ranging from water to chemicals, and all types of inflammable materials.

Steel tanks are always susceptible to corrosion. Even a tiny sign of rusting in a tank is a big concern about its reliability. Our industrial tanks and tower painters can eradicate this problem to give you complete peace of mind. We have a world of knowledge and experience in dealing with such issues. We also have the expertise in helping improve the durability of your tanks and towers.

Our Commercial Painting Dallas TX services come with comprehensive insurance cover. We are equipped with all the essential systems required for handling any type of tank or tower painting project. Call us or e-mail us to get our evaluators check your facility and provide an estimate.