When it comes to maintaining the looks and cleanliness of your pool, it is important to maintain it from time to time. maintenance of your swimming pool is not just limited to adding chemicals. Especially commercial swimming pools and water parks need to maintain the coating for ensuring the integrity and looks of their water bodies. And we at B & A Commercial Painting have been helping such customers for several years to take care of their pools.

When it comes to painting swimming pools, things are not as easy as one thinks. Our professional and experienced painting crew evaluates the existing coating for ensuring compatibility with the new coating. It is important to perform correct surface preparation, chemical neutralization and acid etching for ensuring adhesion.

In addition, our Dallas Commercial Painters would also perform testing for moisture vapor transmission and evaluate expansion joint before application. The paint applied needs to be sufficient for handling chemical resistance and immersion. In addition, the coating needs to be given sufficient curing time before the pool can be filled with water. In addition, there are many other concerns with regard to successfully completing a pool painting project, and our experienced crews know how to handle them all.

When your existing paint is starting to peel or fail, we recommend sandblasting. Our crews would carry out lead testing and detail out the process with your project managers before starting the project. In addition, our team would also evaluate the expansion joints, integrity and coping of your granite or concrete pool surface. Our clients have always found our experience in code enforcement signage location and sizing to be extremely helpful.

We have specialized Commercial Painters Dallas Texas in a wide range of painting and coating services including swimming pool painting. We have completed hundreds of pool painting and maintenance projects to help keep the pools looking like new.

As one of the leading Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas, we have handled water parks, and residential and public pools. We have the technicians, resources and know how for correctly preparing, painting  and maintaining your pool the first time.