We at B & A Commercial Painting understand that if structural steel painting is not done properly, it can prove to be a big problem. We provide highly professional painting services at competitive pricing. Our experienced and skilled staff can uses cost-effective methods for coating your steel.

We are the leading Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas, who can provide a variety of technical painting systems for handling any type of project. Our services include solvent-free, corrosions resistant and low-VOC painting systems.

Our professional crews also offer fire protection services for your expensive structures through intumescent coatings and fireproofing. This would help the structures bear extremely high temperatures even while looking good.

In addition, we also have several forklifts to take care of structural steel painting jobs. we offer ideal services for structural steel railings, canopies, stairwells, artwork, girders, frames, bridges, beams and joists. We have highly experienced Commercial Painters Dallas Texas who can coat different types of materials.

Another part of our job is to offer field painting services for damages caused due to welding and handling. This also includes finish coatings, without concern for the setting of your project. We have the experience in making any level of job as simple as possible. Eventually, we can make steel good not just in looks but also in its integrity.

The range of field services offered by our crews include the following:
•    On site abrasive blasting
•    Scaffolding systems
•    Rigging systems
•    Safety systems
•    Lifts

This would ensure that your tasks would be done in the safest possible way.

We have several years of experience in commercial and industrial painting service, and we have completed a wide range of painting projects. Therefore,  you can always trust us for all types of steel structural painting and coating requirements.

We have industry-standard quality and safety assurance programs in place that would ensure you that your projects would be handled by only the experts in Dallas Commercial Painting. Reach us through phone or e-mail to talk to our project evaluators to learn how we can help you meet your structural steel painting requirements.