If you are looking for an industrial painting contractor for your petrochemical storage or refinery, we at B & A Commercial Painting have the knowledge and experience and expertise for professional painting and coating. Our crews are experienced in painting bulk chemical storage tanks, stank linings, steel structures, process piping, high stacks, secondary containment areas, boilers, transformers, generators and other equipment used in the industry.

We are one of the leading Dallas Commercial Painting Contractors and use different preparation techniques including dry ice blasting, ultra high pressure water blasting and sandblasting. We can offer solutions that would best suit your environment. As your painting contractors, we would evaluate your project before providing a recommendation with a number of options. This would help you make the best possible decision based on cost, durability and exposure.

The range of coatings offered include urethane coatings, epoxy coatings, fire resistant coatings, plural component coatings, sand standard architectural coatings for protecting and extending the life of your expensive structures.

We know that technical knowledge and experience and safety are the main factors when it comes to painting petrochemical storage facilities and refineries. There is hardly any other industrial environment that is as harsh to maintain as this industry. We at B & A clearly understand the special coating systems and safety requirements needed for successfully protecting your operations.

In order to ensure high quality coatings that meet the highest standards, we use surface preparation methods like power tool cleaning, spark resistant surface preparation, and UHP water jetting as well. These techniques help our Dallas Commercial Painters to ensure that the surface is completely clean before the painting process.

In the petrochemical industry, the coatings need to comply with strict guidelines and procedures laid down by the industry and the government. We have been in the business for several years and our project teams clearly understand these regulations and ensure that they are complied to without fail.

It is extremely important to match the coating with the situation because exposure to chemicals can affect the interior parts of containment vessels in many ways. Therefore, our Commercial Painting Dallas TX experts can use any type of specialty paints for protecting your structures.