Performing classic painting with absolutely high standards of perfection a large manufacturing facility needs high degree of professionalism and experience.

We at B & A Commercial Painting have created an undisputed record and set higher standards of specialty painting services for manufacturing facilities. We follow painting systems that are specifically designed and tested for large manufacturing and processing plants over the years.

Irrespective of the safety and jobsite guidelines the customers assign, our team of professional industrial painters provides high performance coatings for each part of your manufacturing unit. All the customer needs ranging from interiors of the manufacturing unit to the exteriors of the facilities would be painted with great perfection leaving no signs of errors. Some of the most commonly used painting methods include ceiling deck spray painting, lead abatement, epoxy floor painting services and much more.

As one of the leading Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas, B & A has set higher standards with our superior quality painting procedures that are unmatchable by any of the competitors. Most of our painting procedures are specifically designed for active manufacturing facilities. With years of experience serving large manufacturing facilities across a wide range of industry segments, our certified and professional industrial painters ensure uninterrupted Dallas Commercial Painting procedures. We follow all the safety measures during the process and high level of surface preparation in all units of your manufacturing facility.

Our professional painters have a mission to achieve high standards of performance coating and customer satisfaction, and we  deliver superior results in the designated time without compromising on quality standards. We cover large areas of the manufacturing facilities without compromising on the smallest of details.

Our Dallas Commercial Painters ensure smooth functioning of the manufacturing activities by efficiently scheduling the painting activities in and around the routine operations. We undertake interior and exterior painting, heavy machinery, steel structures painting and also waterproofing and fire protection coatings.

We have completed hundreds of painting projects involving a wide range of manufacturing facilities. make sure to contact us so that our specialized evaluators can provide you with an estimate of your painting project.