There is nothing that inspires your staff and customers to enter your building than a freshly painted building. When your building is maintenance painted by B & A Commercial Painting, there is going to be no scuffs and ifs about it. It is going to be neat and clean, and give an impression that you care your building.

You could have a corporate office, a hospital or any other commercial or industrial setting. When it comes to making the first impression, make sure that the painting is never left without being maintained. Our maintenance painting services help you in protecting your building and improving your image.

We at B & A are the leading Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas offering paint maintenance service plans that involve our technicians visiting your facility for paint touch ups or scheduled maintenance painting tasks. We use the right materials and colors for matching your current area, whether outside or inside.

Our crew follows a silent discretion ensuring that proper signs are placed that the right place so that they can keep moving on with their work and your business can keep moving  at its own pace without any hindrance. We carry out the job in a professional and flawless manner that you would never experience any disruption. If you choose our scheduled program, the maintenance painting tasks would be carried out automatically.

Today, we have built strong relationships with our clients. we invite you to join our this family so that we, the professionals,  can take care of your building while you would have peace of mind. You can seek our services during weekend and even during night time if the need arises.

We have a maintenance painting program for each one of your needs. it doesn't matter what size the project is, our Dallas Commercial Painting crews can provide the best. our specialized teams can take care of your project in a safe, instant and easy way.  Reach us through emails or phone and our evaluators would be available to you to offer clear and accurate estimate before we start working on your building.