If you have older buildings, it is important to use lead safe work practices when it comes to painting. At B & A Commercial Painting, we understand the importance of lead paint encapsulation for environmental protection. It is extremely important to handle lead paint correctly for compliance with different codes and laws. Most importantly, it is a serious health concern for all your staff and customers.

As the leading Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas, we know that most of the buildings constructed before the 1980 have lead-based paints. The effects of the paint continue even after it was banned because of its health hazards. Before we perform any repairing or renovation, we abate and neutralize all the lead paint before moving ahead. We are certified painting contractors in handling lead safe painting projects.

We are certified contractors for lead paint abatement. We have vast experience in painting all types of structures; therefore we have the expertise in handling with lead paint in the safest and legal ways. We have been offering lead abatement and related services for all types of commercial clients including the following:

•    Fabrication plants
•    Laboratories
•    Warehouses
•    Agricultural facilities
•    Restaurants and cafes
•    Retail facilities
•    Gyms
•    Educational institutions and libraries
•    Offices
•    Airports
•    Hotels
•    Apartments and condos
•    Churches
•    HOAs and houses
•    Hospitals
•    Retirement homes

At B & A, we bring our vast experience in commercial and industrial settings with deep produce knowledge to help you choose the right materials for your building. Additionally, our specialized professionals in safe lead handling would take every step to ensure that all the projects are handled correctly. In addition, we would perform careful preparation to ensure that the projects are always completed for optimal level of performance.

Our experienced and well-trained Dallas Commercial Painting professionals can also work beyond business hours to help complete your work. we can work on holidays, evenings and other times when your business is not operating. We do this to ensure that your work never gets affected. Especially, dealing with old lead paints requires working in environment without much human presence.