It can be an extremely difficult jobs to paint the industrial stack. The preparation job would require lots of care, as the project is both hot and high.  At B & A Commercial Painting, we clearly understand these challenges because of our experience. we provide superior service for painting your industrial stack according to your requirements.

We have the skills and experience in doing the job right, whether you need to take care of high-heat, flare, smoke incinerator or exhaust stacks. Our experienced industrial painting crews know the type of paint and coatings required by your stack without concern for the temperate at which they operate. The high-heat paint used ensures that the coating keeps protecting for several years.

As one of the leading Dallas Commercial Painting Contractors, we team has experience with scaffolding, sandblasting and other methods. You can also check our impeccable safety and management record. All this ensures that your job would be done fast and in compliance with all the safety measures.

We know that industrial stack painting is a challenging job. However, our Dallas Commercial Painters know how to create safe conditions for everyone and reduce corrosion on the structure.

When it comes to painting your flare stacks, high stacks, incinerator stacks or high-heat stacks, you wouldn't find many contractors who can handle your project. We have the right workforce and specialized equipment for taking care of all of your highs-heat and rigging projects.

Without concern whether your stacks undergo thousands of degree of temperature or remain school, we at B & A have the ideal coating for you. We have worked on some of the highest and most challenging projects even with difficult access.

We suggest that when it comes to Commercial Painting Dallas TX, you shouldn't just hire any contractor but only an industrial and commercial painting contractor. We are using not just high-heat paints, but also paints for providing faster turnaround time. if you have any questions about painting your industrial heat stacks, make sure to reach us. Our experts would be more than happy to help you and give a free estimate.