When it comes to a historic building, painting needs to be done by only those professionals who can give attention to detail and have the right skills. We at B & A Commercial Painting have years of experience in completing historic restoration and repair projects. We understand how closely you could be attached to such a property. We have skilled tradesmen and we understand the techniques that were used at different periods in history. Therefore, we can use the exact methods for ensuring that your historic building looks the same but with a touch of protection and freshness over it.

We are one of the top Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas with years of experience in historic restoration and repair services. We have specialized crews who have the experience and training for carrying out the delicate works involved in this type of complex projects. Our professionals understand that special wood moulding, metal and plaster require painstaking detail work for repair to match the original.

We have the knowledge about the secrets used by the craftsmen of the old world. The types of clients we have worked with include:

•    Historic preservation architects
•    Historic preservation Commissions
•    Historic preservation builders

We know how to integrate current construction materials seamlessly into buildings that are centuries old without losing any detail.

We have worked on churches, museums, libraries and national landmarks among other buildings. As already mentioned, we have specialized crews who handle only historic restoration and repair projects. They have the patience and perspective required for balance the needs of all the involved stakeholders. Because we are the professionals, we have all the resources and equipment required for completing projects of any size.

We can manage projects ranging from small repairs to complete restoration of façade. Our Dallas Commercial Painting crews are trained for following only standard preservation guidelines. Our teams work to meet the objective of providing long-term and practical solutions while working to conserve the historic fabric of a structure in a sensitive way. Our historic repair and restoration work beings with planning, followed by investigation before implementing the restoration work.