There are many challenges associated with high-rise painting that cannot be found in the case of smaller buildings. If you want the painting to be done the right way, trust the team at B & A Commercial Painting that has vast experience in completing high-rise painting projects. We clearly understand the challenges that are involved in such a project.

Our Dallas Commercial Painting experts have long experience in successfully handling high-rise projects. We are able to deliver high quality works while ensuring that your projects are completed on time.

We have created special services for high-rise projects so as to meet all the challenges such projects involve. We follow the highest level of safety practices in Commercial Painting Dallas TX to keep our crews, tenants and traffic safe.

When it comes to a high-rise painting project, the most important we have is about access. Our schedule is designed around our clients' needs. this helps ensure that your tenants are never disturbed while we create the required access for successfully completing the project. Before our team starts painting, we implement an extensive and reliable access structure or mechanism to all the areas in a high-rise building.

Here are some of the leading services we offer for high rises:

•    Both interior and exterior painting
•    Painting signs and graphics
•    Surface preparation and exterior cleaning
•    Caulking
•    Waterproofing

The type of challenging structures we have worked with include:

•    Clock towers
•    Historical restorations
•    Cupolas
•    Lighthouses

We also perform extensive preparation of the exterior wall surface for ensuring better coating adhesion. Whether on a large scale or on a small scale we excel in handling all types of residential, commercial and industrial painting projects.

As one of the leading Dallas Commercial Painting Contractors, we have specialized teams that are experienced in handling high-rise building projects. In addition, we have all the equipment, aerial lifts, swing staging and thorough knowledge of all the essential safety standards to deal with tall buildings in the safest possible way. With as much dexterity, we also use our skills for the interior of your homes or offices creating neat, bright and crisp lines.