If you want to get a healthcare facility painted, it would be required to find a specialized painting service provider. We at B & A Commercial Painting have years of experience in providing painting services of hospitals, healthcare and medical facilities. We know about the protocols that need to be observed when painting exam rooms, sterile environments, patient areas and operating rooms. In addition, we have teams that could work around a medical facility's hectic schedule and still deliver faster and better results.

Our Commercial Painters Dallas Texas are experienced professionals who understand the meticulous standards inside hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our painters helps preserve the environment inside your facility, which is vital to the health of your patients. We handle any scale of painting project at a fast pace without causing any intrusions to the operations of the facility.

In addition, some areas in hospitals and medical facility require special coatings for protecting sterility, sensitive equipment, and prevent damages or protection against bacterial growth. Because of our experience in Commercial Painting Dallas TX in such settings, we know the products that can be used in medical facilities, which means we can help meet and exceed your expectation.

Some of the most important painting services offered by us for hospital and healthcare facilities are:

•    Both interior and exterior painting
•    Using low or Zero-VOC paints
•    Special coatings for rooms having sensitive equipment like MRI units and X-rays.
•    Painting machines and equipment like HVAC units for longer protection
•    Wall coverings for patient waiting area and doctor offices
•    Chemically resistant and anti-microbial floor coatings
•    Protective steel coating for preserving the structural integrity of the entire facility

Our expert painters have handled some of the most versatile Dallas Commercial Painting in the healthcare industry and delivered high-quality results. Because a healthcare environment has sensitive requirements, you need the experienced services of commercial contractors like B & A.

In addition, our experience also means that your projects would be completed while adhering to all the industry and government standards. Our  dedicated team also ensures that your painting job would be completed on time and within your budget.