If you want to present a responsible and professional image, it would be required to regularly maintain your property. There is nothing worse than having your workplace marked by unpleasant graffiti on different surfaces. We at B & A Commercial Painting can free your building off any type of graffiti to help boost the confidence of your staff and customers in your business.

At B & A, we understand how unnecessary and deteriorating graffiti can be to your business. We have the experience, know-how and equipment for removing graffiti from any type of surfaces including:

•    Stone
•    Painted surface
•    Brick
•    Signage
•    Unfinished metal

We have the equipment for leaving graffiti-free surfaces that would look as good as new. We use slurry blasting technology and our technicians would ensure that without concern for the substrate, we can get your building looking professional and clean in the shortest time possible. Our experts use a number of graffiti removal methods including:

•    Chemical stripping
•    Sand blasting
•    Cleaning slurry blasting
•    Pressure washing
•    Dry Ice and baking soda blasting
•    Water jetting

Our vast knowledge and experience in painting allows us for matching any color and protect any looks that your organization would want to achieve. Graffiti is a common trouble in many areas. As the leading Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas, we offer protective surface coating for limiting the effectiveness of any type of graffiti on your surface. Such anti-graffiti coatings include:

•    Non-sacrificial silicone coatings
•    Sacrificial water based coatings
•    Non-sacrificial polyurethane coatings

Keep in mind that graffiti would always send a poor message to those who look at your business. We recommend instant removal and protection for preventing any damage to your organization’s image.

We have several years of experience that has helped our professionals to learn the importance of turning your building into something that looks good. This is the reason we have always wanted to be your leading source for all types of graffiti removal requirements. You can always trust us for getting all your jobs done instantly, safely and at competitive prices.