As the exterior elements are always going to affect your building, it is important to protect it against unpredictable climate and the changing seasons. We at B & A Commercial Painting, are the exterior painting experts who protect your facility by thoroughly preparing all the surfaces. The range of preparation services offered includes:

•    Power tool cleaning for flaking rust and paint
•    Power washing
•    Patching holes
•    Caulking cracks
•    Replacement of damaged surfaces

If the surfaces are rusted or bare substrate, we would also consider application of the right primer. Then, we would apply the right coating system based on your specific need. At the same time we would also protect the adjacent landscape, fixtures and surfaces to your building.

As one of the top Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas, we come with vast experience in commercial projects. Our crews are experienced and knowledgeable in all the materials used for exterior painting for different types of conditions. We can work on business holidays, regular holidays, evenings and weekends to ensure that your project is completed on time without causing any disturbance to your staff or business.

We understand the importance of the foundation of each and every paint job. Before we start painting, we would observe and specify all the details involved in handling your exterior painting project.  

We ensure that once the project is completed, your building would look sits best while maintaining longevity. The range of exterior painting services offered includes:

•    Painting or staining exterior walls
•    Color and finish consultation
•    Siding dent repairs and refurbishing
•    Full range of caulking services
•    Stain gazebos, decks and fences

We have been in the business of Dallas Commercial Painting for several years. We have different crews specialized in different types of painting projects. Our professionals are trained, certified and experienced in the field of their specialization. In addition, we are fully insured as a commercial painting contractor. This means that you don’t have to worry about your property. In addition, we follow industry standard and customized, tested set of procedures for both safety and best results.