There are many reasons why you would require repairing expansion joints. Concrete floors are designed with expansion joints in order to let the floor sections flex instead of crack when there are changes in temperature and pressure is exerted on heavy loads. These joints are built for protecting the floor integrity and they are the place from where the floor starts deteriorating.

We at B & A Commercial Painting are your experts in expansion joint repair in the Dallas area. There are two main ways concrete expansion control joints are likely to fail. It is important to get concerned when the slabs turn uneven or when the concrete starts chipping and cracking along the joint lines.

Another problem with a failing expansion joint is chipping and cracking in the epoxy floor coating. Most f the floor coating contractors fail to treat the joints properly when installing the epoxy floor system. We at B & A are the experts in rebuilding and repairing expansion joints with problems.

Our special Dallas Commercial Painting and repairing job involves grinding the joint for removing all faulty paint and concrete, and also the debris. Then, we would rebuild the concrete control joint using an epoxy mortar and rebuild a smooth and level surface using a clean joint.

Then our specialist crews carry out the application of the floor epoxy over the entire surface before cutting a clean line over the surface after drying. A flexible polyurethane joint filler is used for filling up this cut line. This would create a flexible joint that would flex along with the underneath slab.

At B & A, you would get access to our vast experience in commercial painting and repair work. this includes getting deep materials knowledge for choosing only the best and the appropriate material for your building. Additionally, our expert crews dedicate all the time for completing each and every step in the correct way. This is the reason why we are able to get optimal performance out of your projects.

We are the leading Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas and our crews work weekends, evenings, and holidays and even during off-business hours for preventing unwanted disturbance to your business operations.