There is no denying that epoxy-based floor coatings are durable and resistant against chemical action. This is why epoxy floor coating is the preferred finish in commercial settings. We at B & A Commercial Painting are the specialists in epoxy floor coating. We know that whether you have a new construction, concrete repair work, renovation project or similar projects, it is important that epoxy floor finishes are applied properly.  this is essential for both the looks and the durability of the surface.

Proper preparation of the surface is simply the most important determinant for ensuring that the epoxy coating adheres strongly. The proper preparation methods involve the use of the right equipment and procedures like diamond grinding, shot blasting and scarifying.

As one of the leading Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas, we have the expertise in using different types of colors, finishes and textures for making seamless epoxy flooring to ensure that you get optimal level of appearance, chemical resistance and durability.  We have worked in some of the most versatile commercial settings and completed epoxy floor coating projects with success.

B & A has several years of experience in surface preparation and application of coating in different types of facilities or markets. We have factory trained teams who are experienced in handling each and every step of the process starting from preparation of the substrate to the application of different types of epoxy, quartz or urethane floor systems.  We also specialize in applying clear sealers, floor polishing, line striping and non-skids.

There are many benefits of installing epoxy floor coating. We install only the highest quality epoxy floor coating that would remain solid, durable and usable for longer. Some of the coatings are almost indestructible. Our Dallas Commercial Painting professionals can install a coating that can withstand the harshest type of treatment. Whether you use caustic chemicals, heavy machinery, constant vehicle traffic including forklift or anything else, our crews would ensure that the epoxy flooring would keep performing.

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