Drywalls are known by many names including Sheetrock and gypsum boards, but they are mostly made up of drywall, spackle compound, tape and screws. In our long experience as the leading Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas, we understand that it is the skill of the craftsmen installing the drywalls that could make all the difference. We at B & A are one of the most experienced, specialized drywall installation and repair experts.

Our specialized and well trained installers supervise and follow the unloading process of the materials and ensure that it is up on the framing as fast as possible. We follow a set of standard procedures to ensure that this process is carried out as fast as possible and in the safest way. As the specialists we know that taping and application of multiple compound coats and alternate finish and rough sanding appear easy only to the ears. We understand that a thorough and solid drywall job is nothing less than the process that exists in modern assembly lines.

We have specialized screws who are experts in troweling out and cleaning the straight lines through any type of building.  At B & A Commercial Painting, there is no job that is too big or small for us. We can handle any magnitude of job without any hesitation. You would find that we don't have any issues in repairing just a single piece of drywall or spackle an entire building.

We assure that we would be using standard procedures, which we know through experience, is helpful in ensuring the safety and protection of both your site and our workers. We have several years of experience and a customer-oriented operational philosophy. This has helped us remain in business for so long.

The next time you come across a hole in the drywall, make sure that you call us and don't let it remain there for long. We suggest that you should get similar problems repaired as fast as possible. We have Dallas Commercial Painting professionals with expertise ins repairing and patching:

•    Holes
•    Cracks
•    Dents

Keeping in mind that similar to a car windshield, those small holes and cracks in your drywall can gradually turn into bigger problems. Make sure to bring our experience and expertise to your building's benefit.