When it comes to painting communications equipment, the industry has its own set of specific challenges. Communication facilities have unlimited number of sensitive equipment that should need to be kept protected during the painting process. We at B & A Commercial Painting understand the specific needs of this industry.

We are the specialists in commercial and industrial painting projects. Our vast experience and knowledge in painting communications equipment means that you can remain assured that your projects would be completed meticulously with the best quality.

Communication facilities are delicate in nature and therefore, they require special preparation and care for any type of painting. Our Dallas Commercial Painters ensure that all your expensive equipment is well protected through the entire process. we understand that the communications industry is a round-the-clock business. This makes it challenging to arrange the right time for performing the job. We would work with your managers for rotating the schedule so that your operations don't get disrupted.

Some of the most notable services we provide for communication equipment are as following:

•    Exterior and interior painting
•    Intumescent and fire protective coatings
•    Anti-static deck coatings
•    Signs and markings for traffic and safety
•    Coatings for steel structures

As the leading Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas, we are regular providers of maintenance painting for some of the leading companies in the communications industry. This includes interior and exterior painting for switching facilities in a number of locations. The facilities have important and extremely sensitive equipment that carry critical signals.

Our experienced crews ensure that additional precautions are taken for handling these delicate equipment. In addition, the job of our project managers is to make sure that your projects are finished on time. we have a large number of clients in the communications industry who are highly satisfied with our services and we continue to offer regular maintenance to them.

We are the leading Dallas Commercial Painting Contractors and are dedicated entirely to offer the best possible customer support service to the communications industry. contact us to get an estimate or how we can help complete your project in an efficient and desired manner.