We at B & A Commercial Painting are specialized in carpentry services for meting the diverse needs of both commercial and residential clients. We have been operational in the construction industry for several years in the Dallas area. Through our trained, qualified and experienced staff we have been offering  a world of carpentry services with the goal to meet our client’s objectives and doing every job the right way.  

The following are just few of the carpentry services we can offer you:

•    Decks
•    Fences
•    Cabinets
•    Molding
•    Book shelves
•    Framing
•    Wood flooring
•    Wood siding

One of the most important things about our services is that we get our clients involved in each and every project. Our experience has helped us learn that this helps our clients to save more money because we deliver only what is best for them and what meets their requirements. You would be able to choose any material and our Dallas Commercial Painting professionals would do the installation.

If you already don’t know about the materials, we would be present to guide you about the items. We would be helping you through the entire project starting from measuring it to ensuring precise delivery time.

Why we are one of the top Commercial Painting Contractors Dallas with a reputation for our carpentry services?

Each and every project is important for us and we don’t differentiate between them in terms of their size. This is because we know that even the smallest project could turn out to be more complex than our biggest project. The second reason is that we offer the most competitive prices and make every effort to help save you money on materials.

Thirdly, we use only high quality materials and ensure that all of our projects are completed as per building code. We would claim that you shouldn't just hand over your carpentry project to anyone out there. Select B & A, because we are the specialists in carpentry services. Reach us on email or phone and our experienced evaluators would be available to answer your queries.