We at B & A Commercial Paintings have a longstanding tradition in painting auto dealerships. When it comes to auto dealerships, such settings require versatile painting tasks because they include offices, showrooms and service areas.

We understand that the exterior of auto dealership building double as an advertising platform. As the leading Dallas Commercial Painting Contractors, we know the importance creating a elegant and long-lasting look in order to impress your customers. In order to achieve this, the choice of the color is crucial. Whichever color options you choose, it is important that it matches with your logo and blend in with the surroundings.

At the same time, we have also learn over the years that when it comes to painting auto dealerships, the focus needs to be more on the vehicles than the building. Therefore, we focus on creating an exterior design that is complimentary.

Our Commercial Painters Dallas Texas perform complete survey of your office interiors, showroom and service area to find any problems. Once we go through this phase, we guide you about the design process and the color concepts. Because you would require your workspace to be operational even when the painting process is going on, we work on the concept of precision and speed.

When it comes to the service areas, sometimes they may require safety markings on the floor. We suggest using bright color for illuminating the space and to cut down energy costs. In addition, we can also perform epoxy coatings, corrosion control procedures and structural steel painting for protecting the structure.

Epoxy coatings help give a surface a strong and brilliant finish. Our Commercial Painting Dallas TX service an also include adding texture or grit to the coating sin areas that tend to become wet or oily for the safety of your employees.

Any painting operation needs to be accompanied with proper cleaning. We at B & A use a wide range of options  including dry-ice blasting, sponge blasting, hot water washings and removing grease and oils. we are your commercial painting contractors and you can reach us instantly for getting an evaluation and estimate of your auto dealership building's painting project.